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Take your agency to the next level with Neptune Flood
The most innovative flood product in the marketplace.

NEPTUNE FLOOD is proudly backed 100% by the world's oldest insurance market


Using proprietary technology, Neptune identifies properties where homeowners can save up to 25% off their premium for the exact same coverage as an NFIP policy.


Tailor Neptune’s policy with options not available through the NFIP, including: temporary living expense, basement contents, higher deductibles, pool repair & detached structures.

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Higher coverage limits with up to $500k for building and $200k for contents. Only 5 day wait period vs. the 30 day wait under the NFIP.

Not just another private flood product…

No Elevation
Certificate Needed

It's Simple, because Neptune has pre-rated the entire market, just enter the property address to find out how much can be saved. No Elevation Certificate or photos are needed to bind coverage.


Enter an address for instant eligibility
2-minute comprehensive pricing
Bound in 3-5 Minutes (depending on how fast you type)


Unlike other flood carriers, Neptune Flood only has a 5 day wait period. Help your clients secure coverage faster!

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Powerful Technology

Using a proprietary algorithm, Neptune applies single risk modeling to establish a score, identifying properties that are overpriced under the NFIP program

Protect More For Less

Neptune saves up to 25% off the current flood insurance premium, for the exact same coverage as an NFIP policy, with options to broaden coverage

Customer Centric

Meeting modern consumers’ expectations with a product delivered in an effortless, intuitive, on-demand platform.

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Rocket MGA is the exclusive provider of Neptune Flood Insurance. Become a Rocket MGA agent today and start taking flood business from your competition.

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